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The Vault Seed Bank is the result of multiple years of collecting rare, exotic and elite breeds and finally bringing to you in seed form.  Our mission is to bring you the most elusive strains we deem to be the utmost elite top shelf genetics in seed form possible.  Practically guaranteeing your success through your hard work and dedication, will surely be a staple separating you from the rest.  The OG Genetics we use for our breeding program have been chosen from the strongest varieties and back-crossed multiple times within its lineage to retain true stability within the OG line.  We have inbred the OG variety so many times over, we have the most stable OG line in seed form than any other seed co. Our seeds are geared towards the growers that want to be on top of their game, the grower that wants something unique and louder than the guy running his 10 or 15yr old watered down vintage cut.


I very humbly say how blessed we are to have the genetics we have to work with, and we would not nearly be where we are at if it weren't for a very small group of California elite growers who contributed to be part of The Vault Seed Bank.  I thank each of you, you know who you are.

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