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Thank you for your interest in our genetics. Below is a list of our current availability & pricing as well. 

Please make sure you provide your strain selection in your parcel as well as shipping address. You do not pay anything for shipping if you chose the mail in order option.  Thank you again


If sending through USPS please mail to the following address.

TVSB Enterprises P.O. Box 5772 Garden Grove CA, 92846

If you are using any other currier service other than USPS

TVSB Enterprises 11947 Valley View St. Suite 5772 Garden Grove CA, 92846


Exotics $300 per 13 pack

Strawnan Koolato (Strawberry Banana x Koolato)

JadeLatto (Jade Helm x Koolato)

Tropikoolato (Clementine x Koolato)

Koolato Punch (Purple Punch x Koolato)

Space Gas (Martian Candy OG x Koolato)

Darryl Strawberry (Wedding Cake x Koolato)

Tiny Shoes (Dosidos x Koolato)

Ray Rice (Lemon Tree x Koolato)

Pete Rose (Lambs Bread x Koolato)

KeyLime Koolato (Keylime pie x Koolato)

Peach Koolato (Peach Ozz x Koolato)

FourLato (GG4 x Koolato)

Pink Koolato  (Pink Champagne x Koolato)

Koolato (Face on Fire x GSC BX GSC x Gelato 33)

OJ Simpson (Orange Apricot x Koolato)

Koolato Cookies (GSC forum x Koolato)

Humpty Dumpty (J1 x Koolato)

Biker Crank (Blue Cookies x Koolato)

Michael Vick (Triangle Kush x Koolato)

Vlad The Impaler (OJ Simpson x Koolato)

Rumples Revenge (Orgnkid Banana OG x Koolato)

Wraith (Formula 50 x Koolato)

Tres Leches (Cookies & Cream 112 x Koolato)

Macaroons (Paris OG x Koolato)

Banana Cream Pie (Electric Banana x Koolato)

Darryl Strawberry #10 x Koolato

Great Tyrants (Overflow OG x Koolato)

Michelada (BReal Tropikoolato x Koolato)

OG crosses $120 per 13 pack

Bananas N Gas (Orknkid Banana OG x Hell Face on Fire)

SFV on Fire (SFV OG x Hell Face on Fire)

Shmelted Face (Face on Fire BX2)

Snoop Triple OG (Snoops Master x Hell Face on Fire)

Formula 50 (White Fire 50 x Hell Face on Fire)

Hell Scout Cookies (Forum Cookies x Hell Face on Fire)

Amish Glow (Hellraiser x Hell Face on Fire)

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